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Rob Finlay is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lyra Intel, a commercial real estate business intelligence solution designed to unlock the full revenue potential of property portfolios. Rob is a serial entrepreneur who has concentrated on developing technology to optimize various facets of commercial real estate. Over the past 25 years, he has launched several tech startups. Following his years on Wall Street with Credit Suisse First Boston and Lehman Brothers, Rob embarked upon an entrepreneurial career that has concentrated on innovative tech for the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. In 2000, Rob founded Commercial Defeasance (DefeaseWithEaseTM) disrupting the industry with a one stop solution for a complex commercial real estate process. DefeaseWithEase is responsible for thousands of expedited defeasance transactions across North America. Seven years later, Rob parlayed this success into another CRE disruptor with the launch of TCAM Asset Management, an independent investment management company focused on the affordable housing market. In 2015, Rob launched Investor Management Services (IMS), the fastest growing SaaS platform within the CRE space. Rob’s entrepreneurial inspiration comes from bringing services to market that are ahead of their time. Developing and marketing a new technology means changing the behavior of an entire industry and Rob thrives on the trajectory of service creation, market entry and adoption. He owns a number of multifamily, office, and assisted living properties and is also in the process of earning his CPM (certified property manager) designation. Rob leads The Finlay Family Foundation, dedicated to promoting educational initiatives and assisting children and families in need. He is an active investor in several joint ventures and limited partnerships in the commercial real estate space.
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Unlocking the Operational Benefits of SaaS for Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Robert Finlay on Nov 20, 2018 1:00:06 PM

From optimizing for NOI to understanding business challenges and emerging industry opportunities, data plays an important role in how property managers and owners oversee their portfolios. However, most data the multifamily industry collects is delayed and siloed, and therefore is not actionable. In such an aggressive industry, inactionable data could mean the difference between hitting your revenue goals and missing them completely.

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Reflecting on the Recent Launch of Lyra Intel

Posted by Robert Finlay on Aug 6, 2018 1:46:35 PM

Lyra Intel, my latest CRE tech startup, launched last month and since the official public announcement I've repeatedly been asked why I began this latest venture. Most industry professionals know me from my previous startups within the space, i.e. Commercial Defeasance, TCAM Asset Management, and Investor Management Services, but I also serve as the owner of a commercial property group R. J. Finlay & Co. It was the experience with the latter and specific needs around property management and investment allocation that perpetuated the concept which became Lyra. 

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Who We Are

Lyra Intel is a commercial real estate business intelligence solution designed to unlock your property's revenue potential.

Lyra takes the guesswork out of important property decisions by analyzing demographic and behavioral data at the industry, portfolio, property, and individual levels.

Our solution is designed to:

  • Improve the quality and access to data
  • Provide advanced occupant segmentation 
  • Create a better occupant experience
  • Increase occupant retention
  • Provide an additional revenue stream

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